3 Ways To Pump Up Your Social Media Efforts

February 19, 2014 by

Social media is no longer a passing fad; rather, it’s here to stay. And frankly, it’s a must for your small business as an inexpensive way to get your message out and reach your audience. But how can you be successful at finding new customers and building your brand using these online tools without spending tons of time, effort and money on it?

Here are three secrets for pumping up your social media efforts:

1)    Create visual interest. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when it comes to social media. In fact, one study says photos generate 93 percent more likes on Facebook, as opposed to links, videos or other updates. If you want to engage with your friends, followers or subscribers, include pictures in your status updates. Snap a picture of a day at work, your product/service in action or something that relates to your business or service and encourage followers to give a “thumbs up!”

2)    Get consumers involved. Social media is all about engagement and dialogue with your consumers. So get them involved by asking them to like, share, retweet, repin or just plain respond to your posts and updates. Whether it’s asking for feedback on a new product/service or getting a response to unique ways followers use your product/service, the sky is really the limit. Just be prepared for negative responses, because it’s inevitable that you will get some. Have a standard response prepared with a toll-free customer care number or email address for frustrations and complaints that’s monitored. 

3)    Get hyper local. The best thing about being a small business owner is that you understand the needs of local consumers. You live and work in the same community as they do, which is a huge asset! In fact, a recent study by 8Coupons.com found that more than 85 percent of store customers come from within a five-mile radius. So it’s a good idea to entice your closest neighbors to come through your small business’ front door.

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