Age of the Tiniest: Go Mobile!

February 14, 2014 by

When it comes to your own brainchild, your company or your business, you want the best for it. I can say that with conviction about my own little startup. There’s no way I’d settle for anything but the best. So, when it came to promoting my brand I was in a huge fix. I wasn’t happy simply selling my products and services. I wanted to interact with my consumers and start a dialogue with them. I wanted them to recognize my brand and befriend it. What means of marketing could give me that opportunity? As I researched, I got my answer and it’s … drum roll, please! … mobile marketing! As you can see, I’m really impressed with this brilliant marketing tool, and in this article I’d like to discuss in detail what I like the most about it.

From Coca-Cola investing huge bucks in mobile videos to the “tweet-a-coffee” campaign launched by Starbucks, the frenzy caused by mobile marketing has left no one unaffected. It’s no longer an emerging medium of advertising. In the last year, mobile marketing saw a growth of 75 percent, and when combined with social media, it has the potential to overtake most other forms of marketing techniques.

In this digital millennium, we are barely arm’s length away from our phones. And I’d like to think that’s the same distance between my business and my consumers. With a successful mobile campaign, you can push your brand image to the next level. So, let’s see how you can benefit from this extraordinary marketing technique.

1. Mobile marketing is so avant-garde! It’s the latest technology and has transformed into a powerful marketing medium since its launch last year. If you want your product to get noticed, this is the technology you should embrace. It’s the new and cool way of bringing your customers close to your brand, especially since the younger segment is hooked to their smartphones day in and day out.

2. With mobile marketing you can accurately reach your target market. You are able to get in touch with a select group of customers and initiate direct marketing communication with them. Besides, people tend to keep their mobile phones close, so your message will reach them in real time. No delays, no time lags - you are able to speak to your audience almost instantly, and they, too, can interact with you just as promptly.

3. An effective two-way communication can be established with the help of mobile marketing. It also facilitates CRM (customer relationship management). People are generally quite engrossed in their smartphones. As a result, marketing campaigns through these devices are considered to be more friendly and familiar.

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4. Mobile campaigns have much lower CPM (cost per mille/ impression) compared to other traditional marketing channels. Their preparation costs are lower because you can easily integrate these campaigns with other media channels. So, your mobile marketing campaign can also be promoted on TV, radio, print and social media.

5. The biggest benefit that mobile marketing has is making things go viral! Social media is apparently one of the biggest addictions of the young generation. And with a smartphone in every pocket, advertisers find it quite easy to make their campaigns go viral.

A movie like “Paranormal Activity” with a production budget of $15,000 was able to become one of the most profitable flicks of all time. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and Justin Bieber are also the beneficiaries of viral videos. Without smartphones, social media alone wouldn’t have been able to pull off some of the most historical stunts on the Internet.


Mobile marketing is no passing fad, like many may think. We usually form this idea whenever a new idea gains radical popularity. However, there are a number of reasons that clearly prove that mobile marketing is here to stay. For one, the steady rise in the number of smartphone users indicates that mobile phone subscriptions are set to grow in leaps and bounds. Secondly, the coverage of 3G and 4G data services is spreading like wildfire. It wouldn’t be too fanciful to predict that mobile marketing is going to dwarf other forms of marketing. So, I’m geared up to spend the money needed to take my brand mobile! What about you?

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