Mastering the Facebook Sales Loop

February 24, 2014 by

Is it possible to get sales from Facebook?

And if so, how do you do it?

These are the questions that plague every small business that uses Facebook. They know it’s a powerful tool to get new and repeat customers, but they don’t know how to utilize its potential.

Building on the work of Jon Loomer, I’ve created and refined a simple six-step method that works for any business to drive users from Facebook to buy from your business. In my webinar, I’ll show you how to execute those six steps like a pro.

What Is the Facebook Sales Funnel? What Are the Benefits? 

A Facebook page gives you a 24/7, two-way communication channel with your past and potential customers. But unless you can actually utilize it to drive sales for your business, it’s practically useless.

The Facebook sales funnel is a proven method of moving targeted shoppers from non-fans to repeat customers. Facebook gives you a lot of power in terms of finding targeted consumers, nurturing them with content and converting them into customers. Our method shows you how to use the tools provided to you in an effective way to continuously nudge users to buy from you.

It combines Facebook Ads, content, landing pages, email automation campaigns, ad retargeting and contact list ads to create a funnel that drives repeat customers to your shop.

It won’t happen overnight, but if executed properly over a number of weeks you can drive new sales that give a return on investment far greater than the time and ad spend needed to deliver them.

The 6 Steps of the Facebook Sales Funnel

In this section, I’ll give you a brief overview of each step. I’ll go into full detail of each in the Online Marketing Institute class, Mastering the Facebook Sales Loop.

1. Attract new fans

The first step is to get targeted users to make the “soft buy,” which is to “Like” your Facebook page. This opens up a channel and will allow you to nurture them with valuable content. Acquiring new fans requires the use of two tools: Promoted Posts and Like-Gated Page Tabs.

Use the two together by creating a Promoted Post (which appears in the Newsfeed of your selected audience) that drives users to the Like-Gated Tab on your Facebook page. To entice people to click the ad and “Like” you, you need to provide an “offer” that is an exclusive, valuable piece of content, such as an e-book, video or free tool.

2. Nurture fans with valuable content

Once people have “Liked” your page, you can start nurturing them. This is a strategy of posting content that is highly valuable to your target audience. This includes content that is educational, interesting or problem-solving. To maximize the amount of your targeted fans who see your posts, you can use targeted Page Posts. This makes sure that every piece of content is seen by every person you want to see it, instead of the mediocre 16 percent of fans that a normal post reaches.

3. Convert fans into email leads

After a few weeks of receiving valuable, regular content from you, your targeted fans will be ready to make the next “soft buy,” which is to give you their email address. You can do this by combining two tools: Promoted Posts and Email-Gated Page Tabs.

Create a Promoted Post targeted to your fans that drives people to an Email-Gated Tab on your page. This will require fans to give you their email address in exchange for an offer, which can be similar to the offer you gave for becoming your fan, or something different like a Facebook Sweepstakes.

4. Nurture leads with an email drip campaign

Now that you have an email address, you have a highly personalized channel to market to your leads. Set up a series of five emails to be sent every few days that, over time, will drive these leads to buy from you.

Start off light, with the first two to three emails showcasing valuable content from your blog or social channels. In the last two to three emails, introduce coupons, promotions and “reasons to buy” for your products. This will drive a ton of sales-ready leads to your website to check out your products and services.

5. Bring back lost customers with ad retargeting

But you’re not going to convert every single person who you drive to your website.

So, how do you convert those leads who drop off?

Ad retargeting on Facebook. This allows you to show ads just to people who visited your website but didn’t buy. This is a highly effective tool for bringing lost customers back to your website to buy.

6. Drive repeat customers with ads targeted to your email list

Once it’s over and you’ve driven a ton of new sales, what’s next?

Now it’s time to drive repeat customers. You can easily do this by creating Facebook Ads that target people on your email list. This will allow you to reach your past customers with new marketing messages without constantly spamming them with emails.

Although it may seem like a lot of new tactics and tools to utilize, it’s really quite easy. In my Online Marketing Institute class, Mastering the Facebook Sales Loop, you'll learn the simple, actionable steps, with all of the information you need to execute on it.

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