3 Examples of Content Marketing Earning Awesome Links

March 8, 2014 by

In the world of content marketing, “link building” often seems like a bad word. Link building is dangerous. Link building can get you penalized. Content is king. When done right, content can help you earn some amazing links and not the kinds that are going to get you penalized! Here I’ve shared a few examples of content marketing earning amazing links. Try out these tactics yourself for success with leveraging content for maximum SEO benefit.

Recycle, Go Green and Earn Links!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…there is a plethora of links your content can earn if you have an eco-friendly spin to it. Build it and they will come? Not quite. You will probably have to reach out and do a soft pitch to get added to the site, but at least green resource lists are fairly easy to find. My team used this tactic to get some great links for this recycling and green printing resource page. Try out the below search command to find green resources on .edu domains, some of the most authoritative opportunities out there.

Unique and Interesting Infographics

The whole Infographic trend is a bit overplayed, I completely understand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t participate and still succeed…just make sure your content is pretty epic and stands out. At Vertical Measures we publish interesting infographics, and a recent one published back in November is interactive and interesting. “The Author Rank Building Machine” was picked up on SmallBusiness.Yahoo.com as well as other competitors’ blogs. Our infographic “Your Social Media Roots” also had great pickup on MediaBistro.com. When developing an infographic, have an audience in mind and think about the individuals who will help share your graphic once it’s live. Natural pickups are possible when you create great graphics that appeal to your demographic.

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Develop Awesome Free Guides

I’m surely not the only one who loves free guides. I will sign up for just about any downloadable guide that is going to help me learn something new, answer a question, provide additional information on a product or service or give me something printable to carry around. VisitFlorida.com does a great job of utilizing free guides and they aren’t just using them for an email capture. Would you believe this Visit Florida travel guide page has over 98 unique linking root domains? The Florida state website links to the page, local cities’ websites (boasting awesome link metrics!), UNT.edu and other state and historical tourism sites. Try out the below search command to find relevant free guides in your industry, just insert your own industry keywords in place of the ones I have below.

As you can see, several different types of content can earn awesome links. From an eco-friendly piece showing off resources and using Infographics in new ways to developing free guides, there are many ways Internet marketers today can earn extra SEO benefit from their content. What do you plan to create in the coming quarter to draw in these juicy links? Share with us in the comments below!

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