4 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy May Be Falling Short

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July 7, 2014 by

There is no doubt about the fact that social media is a key part of the success strategy for any brand. Even a newbie knows that no business can expect long-term growth without taking into account proper social media outreach. Still, you won’t find every brand having a good time with the whole social media marketing concept, as most organizations fail to utilize its full potential only to later blame social media channels for their inefficacy while in reality it’s the failure of their strategies.

Seventy-three percent of the global adult population is using at least one of the major social networks. That’s a simple statistic, but read it in the context of any business looking to expand its reach and you will know why it is so important. With such a large share of world population in one place, you have a vast treasure of potential customer base along with some important behavioral and personal details at your disposal, which you can utilize accordingly to target them. However, few companies have been able to tap into the immense potential and marketing opportunities that social media offers. A general survey would reveal that it is not as much about knowledge and awareness as it is about application.  Most strategists fail to apply their knowledge for the greater good of their organization, brand, or product.

What could possibly be wrong with your social media strategy?

1.) Your business goals do not align with your social media strategies

When starting a business, everyone creates a list of core values and goals around which the business revolves. The easiest way to figure this out is thinking how you would explain the purpose of your business to others. Now, after thinking out all the goals, mission statements, and deadlines you should have a social media strategy in place that aligns with the values of the business. Every single activity done on the social media accounts of your business should be an extension of your final business objectives. So if you are opening a digital marketing agency of your own, you should tell your target audience the benefits of using online marketing for their business instead of only selling your services on your official Facebook page.

2.) You have impractical expectations from your brand

Social media is powerful, but it isn’t miraculous. You might be putting in plenty of efforts, but it has its own response time as well as limitations when it comes to giving results. Do not expect that your efforts will yield wonderful results overnight, transforming your business. So if you set the bar too high, disappointment is bound to follow you. However, hoping to win the race before you are even on the horse will not serve you well.

3.) Your understanding of social media is still not up to mark

Do you have a common editorial calendar or strategy to cover all social media networks? If yes, then this might not be working in your favor. All social media outlets are different, as they have different usage patterns and cater to their own unique demographics. For instance, while 85 percent of moms use Facebook, which isn’t too surprising, Pinterest is the unexpected entry at the second spot, with 39 percent of mothers using it. Therefore, any product that targets moms, should be featured more prominently on Pinterest than, say, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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4.) You hired the wrong talent

Finally, any strategy is only as good as the people implementing it. You have to find a good online marketing specialist who knows the social media platforms inside and out. List all your requirements in detailed form in the online marketing jobs section on job boards and career sites and review every application carefully.

There is still a lot about social media that remains unsolved and untapped. No set formula can guarantee you success. Learn from the experience and make your efforts count.

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