Digital Marketing Team Training: How OMI Helps Your Organization Achieve Digital Excellence

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The OMI Education & eLearning Program

The Online Marketing Institute is the world’s most respected global education company in digital and social media marketing. Launches nearly 10 years ago, OMI has helped more companies, from small agencies to global brands, accelerate their digital transformation than any other eLearning provider.

For the Online Marketing Institute, the building blocks of a great educational program include four elements that create a complete education and eLearning program. Together, these four elements are proven to impact your business positively, to be scale-able to employees worldwide and to be sustainable for the gains and knowledge that drive everyday improvements. These building blocks are:


Digital IQ Assessment

A quick and simple way to test employees on digital marketing knowledge and assess strengths and weaknesses per person, per department and across the whole company. This assessment helps OMI build a program to fill your bigger gaps and accentuate your strengths.


Digital Essentials and Onboarding Certificate

For most, a baseline knowledge to level set the team and company on digital knowledge is the first step in true digital transformation. The Digital Essentials Certificate is a great way to ensure that your entire team has the baseline knowledge and are on the same digital page. Not to mention bringing new employees and interns up to speed.


Continuous “Needs Based” eLearning Library

Most instances of personal learning are initiated by an acute and timely need. Give your team access to the entire OMI library of over 400 on-demand classes updated monthly. It’s a great and simple way to help your employees to stay current on industry trends and best practices, as well as a way to build their own learning experience or follow a path of specific classes that you assign to them.

Trends & Best Practices Live & On-Demand Monthly

Everyone is interested in the latest trends and innovations in the digital space. OMI’s on-demand resources were created, in part, to capture all that is new and innovative in the world of digital marketing. Your team will find what’s new, what’s trending, what’s being done and what the best practices are.

Digital and Social Media Training Programs for Marketing Teams, Agencies and Global Enterprise

Who is this training suitable for?

OMI’s training is tailored to fit the requirements of your organization, and extends beyond the marketing team. OMI’s online, on-demand approach makes it possible to deliver custom education to a wide range of audiences.

  • Agency marketers who need to be knowledgeable and confident when working with clients.
  • Specialist digital marketing teams wanting to update their skills.
  • Offline marketers who need practical insights into online marketing.
  • Human resources teams responsible for the employee brand, recruitment of digital staff and internal skill development.
  • C-level executives wishing to understand the implications of digital for their business, to make better decisions and assist with planning and strategy.
  • Entire organizations wishing to evolve the enterprise for the digital era. 


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