How Sweating the Small Stuff Will Lead You to Marketing Success

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February 19, 2015 by

Parts of your digital marketing experience stink. I guarantee it. There are dead ends you know about on your web site. There are mobile mishaps you understand need to be fixed. And yet, here we are.

Now that we're getting into 2015, we're facing yet another year with BIG goals and mostly stepping over those smaller obstacles in your marketing path.

How Sweating the Small Stuff Will Lead You to Marketing Success
Yes, mobile should be first and podcasts will be a priority.

However, I encourage anyone focused on digital marketing to start sweating the small stuff. If you don't care about your micro interactions - those small, often overlooked make-or-break interactions - then your competitors will.

Make 2015 the year of minutiae!

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Maybe this seems crazy at a time when most marketers are being asked to predict traffic and conversion numbers in big terms, but let me make this case for you.

A microinteraction is often something we know is a hinderance to the overall experience. We see that error message randomly and realize it doesn't offer any direction for the user and strikes the wrong tone. Our email newsletters are me, me, me instead of focused on the reader. We know these things. But we don't change them.

How Sweating the Small Stuff Will Lead You to Marketing Success - Jeannie Walters

So instead of losing yourself in big goals, consider the small ones. Can you make it your mission to tackle the micro interactions in your digital marketing?

Here are a few places to start:

What do your users want to do on mobile? If it's likely they'll be searching for contact information via mobile, make it front and center for them!

Where do your prospects get lost? If your digital sales process is tricky or requires lots of waiting for your prospects, it's time to clean it up! Try micro mapping the experience and determining where a small change, like offering live help, could make a big difference.

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How can you help your customers find their way? If customers get lost, is there clear direction for them on what to do next? Our favorite examples of this include humor and direction.

It's time to think small! Make a list of the things you know are troubling to your digital experience. Be honest. I bet you can find 3 things to fix immediately.

Don't get lost in a sea of big goals that overshadow these small moments. These are the moments that matter!

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