5 Tips for Getting Big Results at Work – By Doing Less

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April 17, 2015 by

1.    Digital & Social Apps

Tip: Less content.

You’re just doing too much at the click of a finger, in the hope that someone will see it. For marketers, this usually comes down to trying to get more and more out to gain scale, and reach more people. But too often this is done without thoughtful targeting to get certain segments of your audience the content they actually want to see.

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Stop trying to do everything and be everywhere – adding another social media channel or doubling your business blogging will probably just dilute the quality of your content across the board. Be lean and efficient instead.

2.    Entrepreneurship

Tip: Less improvement.

Many of us try to improve existing programs in small and controllable ways. We budget for things we know, we optimize campaigns we’ve run before, and we try to “improve” what we already have. I’d like to challenge that notion for all – for both those working inside big organizations (i.e. intrapreneurs) and those running their own show.


Think big. Try something new. Read, learn and challenge your own and your team’s way of thinking, and carve out time/budget to undertake new experimental things. This is how we make big gains, get big opportunities and make quantum leaps with the business or in our careers. Anyone can improve something; it takes a lot more work and effort to create something new.

3.    Productivity 

Tip: Less email craziness.

Email marketing is very effective, if done right – the right targeting, the right messaging, and the right testing. But if you’re not doing that, you’re causing real damage to your ability to see results. Users receive a ton of email every day, so don’t add to that clutter without thoughtful and specific planning. Just because email is largely a free tool doesn’t mean you should treat it as a free-for-all for spilling out unfocused content.

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So before your next generic eNewsletter goes out on Tuesday at 10 a.m., think “Is this really helpful to Peter, our best client?” And then redo that email with some thought behind it, and send the newsletter next week instead. Trust me, no one will call you to complain, “Hey, where’s my eNewsletter you keep spamming me with!”

4.    Priority

Tip: Less tasks.

Tasks will get you one thing – check boxes. It may feel good to check them off, but a long task list without major thinking about priorities is very detrimental to long-term objectives in both life and work.

Instead, create a task list and then sort it into a new list that is stacked by priorities that align with what really matters most – not just what matters in the short-term. For work, that may be what aligns with your quarterly goals or fiscal year planning, rather than your weekly deadlines.

priority tasks

The problem with a list of tasks is its effect on your daily routine – you might choose to run analytics reports instead of thinking about new product positioning, because short-term trumps long-term on your task list. We can keep doing these repetitive tasks to check them off the list, and never get to the really important stuff.

5.    Workplace Sanity

Tip: Less value on expectations.

Our world is in a constant state of flux. It evolves and changes every day, with or without us. Consequently, our expectations are bound to drive disappointment, since we just can’t control outcomes. So instead of expecting your co-worker or manager to do something, be something or have something for you… just let it happen.

Instead, value what matters most: your state of mind. Enjoying the work you are involved in right now. Enjoying discussions with co-workers without worrying about a specific outcome. Placing less value on the outcomes and expectations you think you need will help you flow through and succeed within the actual outcomes that eventually occur.

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