Creating Consistency in a Converged Society: The New Digital Marketing Focus

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June 9, 2015 by

Digital marketing is constantly evolving – new social platforms emerge, algorithmic updates restructure how we think about SEO best practices, new buzzwords materialize that dictate trends. However, in 2015, consistency is the priority above all other things.

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Content is Still King, But…

We all know that content is king. Content content content! It has been drilled into our heads for years – create great content! Write better content; tell better stories! Distribute great content! The “if you build it, they will come” mentality from Field of Dreams has rubbed off on marketers, so there’s an expectation that if you just create great content people will automatically find it. We know that isn’t 100% true, but it doesn’t negate the importance of great content.

Consistency Across the Board

However, 2015 is really the year of consistency. Consistency in social media posting. Consistency in blogging and updating websites. Consistency in implementing white hat SEO, organic link building, and viable content marketing efforts that seek to inform rather than sell. Consistency in branding and messaging across channels and platforms.

We’ve seen companies try to focus on creating a mobile experience, which is good, but we now run into inconsistent mobile experiences that don’t feel authentic to the business. In a society driven by converged media – when the customer changes platform and interacts differently with businesses in different ways, the quest for consistency should be paramount in the digital experiences you create. SEO, blogging, social media posting, PPC optimization – they all work most effectively when you do it consistently and coherently.


The secret to marketing success going forward will be written in the journey of discovering truth and effectiveness, by building on consistent movement, a steady stream of data, and an unfailing commitment to analyzing the results. Consistency is the new king.

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