Realtor Checklist for Digital Marketing Success [Infographic]

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November 16, 2017 by

Digital technology has revolutionized every sector of business and industry from the top down; real estate is no different. However, thanks to deeply rooted traditions, some realtors find it hard to bring their marketing strategies from catalogs and yard signs to the Internet. While hesitance to embrace new methods might make sense to some real estate agents, consumers are increasingly expecting a more digital experience, which is the best reason for real estate agents to be forward thinking

According to recent statistics,

  • 80% of home buyers go online to find new properties
  • 83% of home buyers want to see pictures of a property online early in the research process
  • 42% of home buyers looked online before signing a contract

This information demonstrates a clear and convincing trend: modern house shoppers want and trust realtors with a web presence.

To help you infuse your realty business with a digital marketing strategy and web presence, we have created an infographic checklist with everything you need to remember for success.

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