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Demand Generation ( Level2 )

Demand generation is marketing that generates demand! Demand generation marketing takes visitors to your website, social media sites and other outbound marketing activities such as email campaigns, and turns them into leads. The leads are then nurtured with content until they are in the perfect position to be approached by sales. It’s about using marketing to create an influx of “low-hanging fruit” for your sales team to capitalize on.

By qualifying and prioritizing prospects, companies can successfully shorten the sales cycle, reeling in well-informed customers and increased revenue. To reach these goals and gain competitive advantage, marketers must leverage resources, processes, and new automated technology; combine targeted marketing programs with a structured sales process; and successfully drive awareness and interest to their company’s products and/or services. Learn how to identify potential customers, build content that will educate them about your business, and compel them to move towards purchase. It’s the next generation of inbound marketing.

In association with leading research firms and industry associations, the Online Marketing Institute has developed practical Demand Generation training and professional guidance for marketing and Internet professionals interested in discovering new and innovative ways to develop a demand for their offerings. The course is designed for both those new to online marketing and experienced practitioners looking to broaden their skill set.



Certification Benefits:

  • Develop a framework for demand generation marketing in your organization
  • Learn how to build valuable content for demand generation, and will convince prospects to give you their business
  • Receive Demand Generation Marketing credentials in less time than a college course, and for significantly less money
  • Be recognized for expertise in Demand Generation Marketing

What You’ll Learn

  • Why lead generation is crucial for every business
  • What a “perfect customer” profile looks like, and why you should build one
  • How you can keep your ear to the ground to learn about your potential customers
  • A method for designing content that your visitors and leads will engage with
  • How to build “calls-to-action” that compel your audience, and let you track their progress towards becoming a customer
  • What activities drive lead generation
  • The value of email marketing
  • How to leverage segmented, and un-segmented, email lists
  • How to build, and automatically trigger, lead nurturing sequences
  • Ways marketing can help align sales and marketing for greater success for both teams
  • Why marketing metrics must be real-time, what are the metrics you need, and how to tweak and tune your campaign for the best results


* Final Exam is not available until all classes have been completed.
Final Exam
  • After each lesson, there is a short quiz.
  • At the end of the entire course, there is a final exam.
  • Upon passing, a certificate of completion of awarded.

What’s New

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