How to Build a Lead Nurturing Campaign

  with Kim Albee

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Class Overview:

73% of B2B leads passed to sales are not sales ready. When marketing passes leads to sales too soon, it can make sales distrustful of the lead generation process in general. That’s where lead nurturing enters the picture. By implementing a lead nurturing campaign it is possible to identify the leads that are ready for sales to contact, and the leads that need more encouragement first.

Many marketers still haven’t implemented lead nurturing campaigns. Just starting this process can give a company a huge leg-up. Learn how to implement a nurturing sequence with small, digestible steps that easily pass leads on to the next step in the process. By putting leads into this process they will engage with your content and marketing, and will not be handed off to sales until they’re ready.

What You'll Learn:

  • The necessary components of lead nurture campaigns
  • How to establish lead nurturing campaigns
  • Triggering a lead nurturing sequence. -Sample campaign ideas you can implement
  • Identifying “sales-ready” leads, and the importance of tracking.