Class Overview:

Audiences aren’t just average, generic, or a series of demographic information. Your customers have a certain language they use to talk about their needs. They have unique fears, desires, concerns, and goals. Many businesses fail to look beyond a basic list of customer attributes to learn what really motivates their customers to buy.

Watch now to learn how to look beyond basic demographic information for your potential customer group. In addition, you’ll find out how to build your ‘perfect customer,’ and learn how to talk to more of them. You’ll walk away with the secrets to getting inside your target market’s head, and the ability to understand what drives them from curiosity to conversion.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to define your target market, and what is essential to know about them
  • What is a “perfect customer” profile
  • How much should you understand your perfect customer, and when will it be enough
  • How can you “keep your ear to the ground,” and keep learning about them
  • How personas will make a difference in your demand generation efforts.