Digital Fundamentals Learning Fast Track


This fast track makes it easy for those new in the digital space to understand the foundations of digital marketing and the implications of each area such as content marketing, social media and email marketing. Following and completing this track will give you the quickest and most direct route to understand the benefits each area in digital marketing can produce and what will drive business results. While you can take the classes in any order you wish, we recommend you watch them in sequence to get the most from your learning experience.


Introduction to Digital Marketing

If you are new to digital, this is the ideal place to start.

Defining Your Audience Digitally

The Digital Customer Journey

The world of digital analytics is changing quickly. In this class, Google’s own analytics evangelist discusses three important ideas you need to incorporate into your analytics organization...

Defining the Digital Drivers

Web Analytics Fundamentals

Social Media Fundamentals

Learn the framework for social media marketing success. This introductory class defines what is (and what isn’t) social media marketing and how to describe its real value. In addition, by looking...

Content Marketing Fundamentals

Email Marketing Fundamentals

SEO Fundamentals

Search Engine Optimization is crucial. Ensure that your customers can find you using organic search.

Digital Advertising & PPC Fundamentals

How To Section

Watch these classes to show you “how to” get started with any efforts in digital marketing.

Audiences aren’t just average, generic, or a series of demographic information. Your customers have a certain language they use to talk about their needs. They have unique fears, desires,...