This course covers the technology involved with marketing B2B products or services online. With the different types of media needed, tracking the various technology – from the website to the social media pages to tracking softwares – becomes extremely important in creating a successful strategy. Think of the marketing tech stack as the skeleton that makes all initiatives possible. During this course we will review the marketing stack, analytics, tag management, as well as CRM, email and market automation.


  • Explain why a marketing tech stack is important for B2B marketing
  • Describe different elements of a typical B2B marketing tech stack
  • Define tag management as it relates to tracking
  • Discuss the different types of data that can be tracked
  • Describe the different tools used for analytics & tag management
  • Describe why CRM is used for B2B marketing
  • Discuss how email marketing can drive B2B leads
  • Identify the benefits of marketing automation

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