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Your Business Goals on Facebook

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The lesson goes over the basics of Facebook functionality like; a business page, personal profile, groups, newsfeed and The Edge Rank Algorithm; and the 5 main goals of a strong Facebook presence which are are:
1. Build brand awareness through Facebook posts and a growing fan base.
2. Provide customer service through your page.
3. Drive traffic and attract leads to your website with organic and paid posts.
4. Create a community among your fans on Facebook.
5. Establish your expertise and thought leadership in your industry through quality content posts.
Facebook functionality supports few key marketing elements like communication, branding or promotion.


  • Explain the evolution of Facebook from 2004 to 2016
  • List main challenges of Facebook
  • Identify key Facebook features
  • Identify main Edge Rank factors
  • Explain the importance of mobile in Facebook marketing strategy
  • Demonstrate examples of content repurposing on Facebook
  • Identify goals of your presence on Facebook
  • Describe how to apply 5 goals: building brand, customer service, driving traffic, creating a community and building an expertise
  • Compare functionality of a Personal Profile with a Business Page
  • Describe the online community management

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Dagmara Sitek

Dagmara Sitek is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Media Strategist who helps businesses and mobile application developers to brand and sell products on a global scale. She also coaches marketing managers, HR teams and entrepreneurs on developing cutting-edge social media and social recruiting strate more.

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