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Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics

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So much effort goes into driving traffic to our websites that it makes sense to spend an equal amount of time tracking traffic sources. While Google does a good job of identifying some traffic sources out of the box, there are many areas of configuration that the user must make to truly reflect the results of their marketing efforts. Learn how identify all traffic sources for your website, tag your campaigns for tracking effectiveness, and all of the nuances that go into tracking campaigns. If your organization is actively driving visitors to your website, this module is a must-watch!


  • Describe the difference between a referral and direct visit
  • Explain how organic search traffic is tracked
  • Classify all of your website traffic by their correct source
  • Explain how the default channel groupings are generated
  • Execute changes to your channel groupings
  • Identify traffic tagged by Google AdWords
  • Recognize how to build custom campaign URLs
  • Classify your traffic by campaign
  • Describe the difference between sources, mediums, campaigns and content
  • Report on results for your marketing campaigns
  • Implement Google search console integration
  • Explain how long your data remains available in search console
  • Identify the data available through AdWords integration
  • Report on changes that will make AdWords more efficient

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