In this course, students will learn how design and create campaign assets such as keywords and ad copy. After gaining an understanding of topics like Quality Score and match types, students will create campaign assets that follow best practices and gain a competitive advantage. This course is relevant for students who want to build or improve on their campaign assets.


  • Define Quality Score
  • Describe the factors that determine Quality Score
  • Identify the best methods to maximize Quality Score
  • Define match types
  • Identify how to leverage match types
  • Define the campaign structure
  • Discuss the principles of a strong campaign structure
  • Illustrate an example campaign structure
  • Discuss principles of a good keyword list
  • Identify the best sources of keyword possibilities
  • Discuss the process of building a keyword list
  • Define ad copy
  • Discuss the principles of successful ad copy
  • Identify examples of strong and weak ad copy
  • Define Ad Extensions and explain their importance
  • Identify and discuss the types of Ad Extensions

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Ty Martin

Ty Martin is an award-winning digital marketing strategist, product developer and team leader who has driven growth for numerous B2B and B2C companies including Symantec, AAA, Gap, Clorox and PetSmart. His company, Ad Bacon (, delivers innovative technology and expertise that enhances search, so more.

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