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Digital Marketing Automation + Campaigns

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In this course, learners will get a practical look at marketing automation tools and how to use them successfully. Learners will benefit from a case study covering CRM, Direct Email Marketing and SEM Adwords. This course ties all the foundational elements for digital marketing.


  • Define what Marketing Automation tools do
  • Explain the technical features and Benefits
  • Explain the Best Practices of CRM
  • Diagram how the marketing funnel changes in a B2B offering
  • Detail the types of marketing content required for each of 5 business roles
  • Explain how segmentation increases ROI
  • Show how to segment email marketing lists through web sign-up forms
  • Show how to segment an email list in MailChimp
  • set up and run a Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing campaign.

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Dan Gallo

Dan Gallo founded The Allasso Group in April 2006 after selling Mentor®, an EPSS app he created which served +55 million B2B/B2C users. Previously he was Communications Consultant on over 200 IPO’s, and produced dozens of major corporate events. Since 2006 he’s served 3 years as Small Business Consultant & more.

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