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Email Marketing: Getting Started

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Students will learn the necessary steps they must take before sending a single email, starting with how to build an email database. The course covers the back-end details of how to produce and manage email campaigns, and how to set up a content calendar for consistency and frequency.


  • Explain the importance of online signup
  • Identify essential and non-essential parts of signup form
  • Identify factors to enable customer service or or other staff to capture emails
  • Identify valuable attributes to look for in an ESP
  • List questions to ask before purchasing email marketing software
  • List questions to determine proficiency level and workload of in-house creative staff
  • List and explain the vital questions to ask when hiring email freelancers
  • List factors to determine your ROI of hiring an outside agency
  • List factors that determine email frequency & deadlines
  • Discuss how e commerce-related factors can impact email promotions
  • Use this calendar template to guide in setting up your own content calendar

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Darcy Grabenstein

Darcy Grabenstein has more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, with a heavy emphasis on e-commerce. In the realm of email marketing, she has worked on both the creative and production sides of the business. As a senior copywriter, Darcy has written email copy for clients ranging from large corpora more.

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