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Engaging with Mobile Marketing

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Proper engagement is an important aspect for successful mobile marketing. In this course we will examine the different aspects of engagement on mobile devices, the value of responsive design and engagement using elements that include video and interactivity.


  • Discuss the common mobile use practices
  • Identify and demonstrate common mobile engagement issues
  • Explain mobile content
  • Demonstrate the different type of mobile content
  • Examine the best content for your mobile marketing
  • Formulate the best mobile content for your business
  • Describe responsive designs
  • Demonstrate how responsive design works
  • Discuss video use on mobile devices
  • Examine forms of engagement with video
  • Examine the different type of interactive platforms
  • Discuss the value of interactivity
  • Examine Mobile Marketing Automation

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Marushka Andrews

Prior to working in academics, Marushka Andrews gained practical experience in the work field where she held different positions. In 2012 she had her first teaching experience as a part timer. August 2013, Marushka embarked on a new journey as a full time lecturer for the Marketing program of the Faculty for Ac more.

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