You will learn to incorporate Facebook advertising and paid promotion into advertising budgets. You will understand the differences between types of ads and their goals like driving traffic, increasing page likes, boosting reach, encouraging engagement, etc. Learn about detailed demographics, personal interests, location, gender or anniversaries.


  • Compare organic posting to paid traffic
  • Discuss Facebook advertising role in a modern marketing
  • Describe 3 types of Facebook ads – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion
  • Identify main reasons for rejecting ads by Facebook
  • Demonstrate the example of an ad what might be rejected
  • Define a successful targeting
  • Apply advanced targeting options
  • Identify the ways of using targeting to meet various business goals
  • Identify important metrics to track
  • Explain how the ad system work

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Dagmara Sitek

Dagmara Sitek is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Media Strategist who helps businesses and mobile application developers to brand and sell products on a global scale. She also coaches marketing managers, HR teams and entrepreneurs on developing cutting-edge social media and social recruiting strate more.

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