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Google Analytics Deep Dive (Part 2)

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Google Analytics is a “one size fits all” tool used by millions of websites. That means a one-person blog starts with the same Google Analytics as a fortune 500 company website. The key is to customize Google Analytics to fit the needs of your organization. Everything in Google Analytics gets better once you track website outcomes. This module shows you how to configure Google Analytics to make your website measurement speak the language of your organization.


  • Identify the goals for your website
  • Recognize whether you need to enable Ecommerce tracking
  • Describe when assisted conversions help analysis
  • Recognize which goal types are most effective
  • Explain the difference between a pageview goal and an event goal
  • Identify your goal funnel steps
  • Locate where to find the ecommerce tracking code
  • Discuss the best way to implement with your shopping cart
  • Recognize common implementation issues
  • Recognize account level settings that you need to configure
  • Locate your tracking code and advanced settings
  • Classify the traffic that is on your website right now
  • Identify tracking issues on your site
  • Locate opportunities for website improvement
  • Locate your most commonly used reports
  • Select the most important metrics to build dashboards
  • Translate results in the language of your organization using custom reports

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