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Guiding Principles of Digital Marketing

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In this course, learners gain an understanding of the principles that guide digital marketing. The topics of discussion are strategy, aesthetics, analytics, ROI and SEO. This foundational course offers practical insights to help learners through out their digital marketing journey.


  • Define marketing strategy and marketing plan
  • Define the dominant/most successful aesthetics
  • Identify dominant aesthetics per major platform
  • Compare traditional ROI with Social Media ROI
  • Identify elements the drive SEO ratings

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Dan Gallo

Dan Gallo founded The Allasso Group in April 2006 after selling Mentor®, an EPSS app he created which served +55 million B2B/B2C users. Previously he was Communications Consultant on over 200 IPO’s, and produced dozens of major corporate events. Since 2006 he’s served 3 years as Small Business Consultant & more.

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