In this course, learners will be able to define brand, brand image and brand essence and major components of branding as well as state key principles of branding for mobile. Learners benefit from this practical guide on mobile branding through the use of real life examples.


  • Define brand
  • Name some of the components of a brand
  • State the “born to be mobile” principle of mobile marketing
  • State role of mobile for brands that are all about mobility
  • State the role of mobile for brands that do not have mobility at their core
  • State “The Swiss Army Knife Principle” of mobile
  • State the brand portability principle
  • State the purpose of mobile as a platform
  • State the third possible role of mobile in marketing

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Stephen Hersh

Stephen Hersh consults with companies to help them manage their brands, their business strategies, their creative strategies, and their relationships with consumers, customers, and employees. He often works through in-sourcing, training company employees to develop the skills to solve these problems themselves. more.

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