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Mobile Marketing: the Which, the Who, the When, and How

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A very important aspect that can be overlooked when considering Mobile Marketing, is the Operating System (OS) of the target market’ mobile device. With this course you will gain a better understanding of the various OS, apply the right OS or consider cross-platform OS to enhance your mobile marketing strategy.


  • List all current mobile operating systems
  • Identify the most used OS
  • Compare OS functions and similarities
  • Define the right audience for your business
  • Identify their mobile use
  • Organize your audience according to OS use
  • Define the right OS, based on target market
  • Describe the benefits of Cross-platform mobile
  • Organize and plan your marketing approach
  • Formulate a sound POA that works with the OS
  • Explain the right design elements with OS in mind
  • Explain how to plan and schedule launch time
  • List the measurements methods to assess success

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Marushka Andrews

Prior to working in academics, Marushka Andrews gained practical experience in the work field where she held different positions. In 2012 she had her first teaching experience as a part timer. August 2013, Marushka embarked on a new journey as a full time lecturer for the Marketing program of the Faculty for Ac more.

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