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Navigating the Google Analytics Interface

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Students will learn how to get comfortable navigating within The Google Analytics interface. Google Analytics is on 82% of all websites, so chances are that you are using Google Analytics to measure your website. But most users don’t know how to get the most out of Google Analytics, or they are afraid to poke around in fears of breaking something. The good news is that you won’t break anything if you take this course. We show you where to look to find insights about your website, and the settings you need to enable to unlock the most value!


  • Explain how to navigate the Google Analytics interface
  • Locate the most common reports within Google Analytics
  • Understand interface will be changing often, and embrace this change as a positive development
  • Understand the audience data that is available to you in Google Analytics
  • Define basic terms used in Google Analytics
  •  Demonstrate how setup demographics and interests reports for your site
  • Discuss how demographics and interests data is collected
  • Recognize the common channels and traffic sources that drive visitors to your site
  • Identify some of the more advanced traffic reports available to you
  • Demonstrate the top pages viewed on your website
  • Define basic terminology about your site content reports
  • Demonstrate how visitors flow through your website
  • Demonstrate the top landing pages for your website
  • Identify the purpose of your website
  • Identify the types of goals that you can set up for your website
  • List reasons why Google Analytics thrives with goals in place
  • Distinguish access roles in your organization
  • Identify settings that you will configure in future modules

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