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Paid Media for B2B: Search and Display

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In this course we will explore paid media options within search and display networks in regards to B2B marketing. Paid media is a critical component of garnering market share. After this course you will be able to identify different components of a B2B paid search campaign. Additionally you will be able to understand how display advertising can drive awareness and eventually B2B marketing leads. Finally, you will be able to see how retargeting can help remind B2B customers of your product or service over the long sales cycle.


  • Discuss the unique value proposition of Paid Search for B2B marketing
  • Identify the different components of an Adwords paid search structure
  • Define display advertising
  • Identify different targeting parameters in display advertising
  • Describe how display advertising can be utilized to drive B2B leads
  • Describe the different types of retargeting
  • Discuss why Retargeting on the Google Display Network is beneficial
  • Explain why the B2B sales cycle builds a case for retargeting


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