Paid Social Media is a critical component in amplifying your company’s value proposition to the digital market place. Allocating budget to social media networks should be viewed to supplement your earned media initiatives. During this course we will explore the major social media platforms and how to utilize them for B2B marketing.


  • Explain how a paid presence on Twitter can help B2B marketing
  • Discuss how to create an effective B2B target audience on Twitter
  • Describe different marketing options within Linkedin
  • Identify key performance indicators for LinkedIn
  • Identify different paid media options within Facebook Advertising
  • Describe the different types of ad targeting available on Facebook
  • Discuss benefits of paid Instagram advertising for B2B marketing
  • Describe how to allocate budget between the different B2B paid Chanel options:
  • Explain how to use paid media to drive B2B Lead Generation
  • Discuss the logic behind a cross network content distribution strategy

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