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Permission & Legal Compliance

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This course underscores the importance of complying with the email regulations of the countries to which you will be sending emails. Students will learn varying levels of permission, the fundamentals of CAN-SPAM, how to be compliant, and the ramifications if you are not compliant.


  • Define permission in email marketing
  • List permission fundamentals
  • Explain the different degrees of permission
  • Define the CAN-SPAM Act
  • Explain affirmative consent
  • Discuss the three areas of compliance
  • Explain why compliance is important
  • Compare sender, initiator and collaborative responsibilities for compliance
  • Compare CASL to CAN-SPAM
  • Describe European email regulations

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Darcy Grabenstein

Darcy Grabenstein has more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, with a heavy emphasis on e-commerce. In the realm of email marketing, she has worked on both the creative and production sides of the business. As a senior copywriter, Darcy has written email copy for clients ranging from large corpora more.

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