In this course, students will learn how to plan the initial elements of a paid search campaign. We’ll cover how to establish goals and KPIs, plan conversion tracking requirements, and determine the appropriate budget. This course is relevant for students who want to learn the initial steps of planning a paid search campaign.


  • Define goals and KPIs
  • Explain the purpose of establishing goals and KPIs
  • Identify the factors that go into choosing goals & KPIs
  • Define conversion tracking & explain its purpose
  • Choose the appropriate conversion actions to track
  • Plan conversion tracking settings
  • Generate code snippets & implement on web site
  • Discuss the factors that go into deciding the overall budget
  • Discuss the process of choosing specific budget allocations
  • Identify the primary reasons to shift spending allocations over time

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Ty Martin

Ty Martin is an award-winning digital marketing strategist, product developer and team leader who has driven growth for numerous B2B and B2C companies including Symantec, AAA, Gap, Clorox and PetSmart. His company, Ad Bacon (, delivers innovative technology and expertise that enhances search, so more.

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