In this course, you will learn about modern technical aspects of SEO, which are foundational to building websites for SEO success. You will learn aspects of what makes a websites code search engine friendly, how bots can crawl and index your website’s content, how algorithm updates can impact your website and what to do in the event of a major impact from an algorithm change. Finally, you will learn about monitoring your SEO performance.


  • List 6 basic elements of SEO friendly UI/Design
  • Describe what makes a website’s code search engine friendly
  • Classify SEO tags by crawl efficiency and keyword optimization.
  • Describe what additional information schema tags provide to search engines beyond HTML code.
  • Explain how crawlers access & index content
  • Explain what impact an algorithm update has on search engine rankings.
  • Describe how search engine algorithm determine quality and what factors influence rankings.
  • Classify website rankings changes as manual penalty vs. algorithm update vs. poor optimization.
  • Describe actions to take when negatively impacted by an algorithm update
  • Describe how to develop SEO monitoring
  • Describe how the HTML improvements report in Google Search Console can help identify duplicate content
  • Explain how GSC crawl reports can be used to determine site SEO health.
  • Describe use for GSC test tools for SEO diagnostics

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