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How to use Facebook for Social Recruiting

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Facebook is the biggest social network that being frequently used for recruiting purposes in the recent year. In this course, you will learn how to use key Facebook features for social recruiting in order to discover and attract new pool of quality candidates and how to use Facebook advertising without breaking the bank. You will discover the social recruiting strategies of successful brands and will be able to apply some of the best practices into your social recruiting.


  • Describe the key Facebook features to be used in social recruiting
  • Demonstrate how Facebook features for recruiting benefit your business
  • Explain how can the third party applications improve Facebook functionality
  • Define key elements of Facebook social media strategy
  • Describe the most important social media tactics used in social recruiting on Facebook
  • Define 5 ways of boosting employee advocacy
  • Demonstrate success factors of the social recruiting of Marriott
  • Analyze visual content of British Army on its Facebook Career Page
  • Evaluate creative examples of inbound social recruiting by HubSpot

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Dagmara Sitek

Dagmara Sitek is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Media Strategist who helps businesses and mobile application developers to brand and sell products on a global scale. She also coaches marketing managers, HR teams and entrepreneurs on developing cutting-edge social media and social recruiting strate more.

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