Best of Online Marketing: Week of June 29, 2012

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Facebook LikeHappy Friday! While you're gearing up for the holiday weekend, take a spin through my favorite online marketing posts from the past week. Learn how to drive more Facebook engagement, lift B2B email performance, improve social media marketing, and more.

11 Tips for Increasing Facebook Engagement

Want to drive more Fan engagement on Facebook? It's easier than you think. Based on research by Dan Zarrella, Heidi Cohen compiled 11 proven tips for driving more shares, Likes, and comments.

Why You Should Optimize for Customers, Not Engines

According to Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing, you'll achieve the best SEO results (more traffic, better rankings), if you develop content that prioritizes customers over engines. In this blog post, he shares why quick shortcuts and easy tricks can ultimately get you penalized, and why content and social media are key to SEO success.

10 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing

Step up your social media marketing results—get 10 big ideas for improving performance from OMI's Social Media Intensive instructors, right here on the OMI blog. Drive more Fan engagement, connect with customers on Google+ hangouts, measure social media performance, and more.

3 Reasons to Start Testing Your Landing Pages Now

Need to kick your conversion rate up a notch? Start by A/B testing landing pages—even a simple headline test can provide dramatic lift. Over on the Post-Click Marketing Blog, discover 3 key reasons you should start testing your landing pages... now.

8 Ways to Lift B2B Email Performance

For most B2B marketers, email marketing performance can have a profound impact on sales and revenue. On ClickZ, Simms Jenkins shares 8 ways B2B marketers can improve email marketing performance. Use these tips to drive better open rates, click-throughs, and more.

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