Best of Online Marketing: Week of July 6, 2012

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July 6, 2012 by

FlowchartHope you're enjoying this 4th of July week. While you sit by the pool and read this post on your iPad (that's what you are doing, right?), take a spin through my favorite posts of the week. Learn how to create a content process, measure SEO, fail fast at paid search, and more

How to Develop a Social Media & Content Process

To succeed in content marketing, you need a defined process. In this post on SEOMoz, Mackenzie Fogelson reveals the 8 key steps for integrated social media and content marketing success, with the help of a handy infographic. Learn how to develop a strategy and calendar, promote your content, measure your results, and more.

5 Ways to Measure SEO with Google Analytics

As SEO evolves, measuring your efforts poses new challenges. Discover 5 key ways to measure your SEO. Learn why position reports don't matter, how to segment your visitors, how to integrate Google Analytics with Webmaster Tools, and more.

Why You Should Fail Fast at Paid Search

The best way to improve your search results is to continuously test and improve your campaigns, or, in other words, fail fast. Dave Roth shares 5 sure-fire ways to fail quickly—and improve your return on paid search spend. Learn how to setup a testing budget, build a testing calendar, and more.

5 Ways Businesses Can Use Google+ Hangouts

Need to inject some creativity into your social media campaigns? Try a Google+ hangout. On Social Media Examiner, discover 5 creative ways businesses are harnessing Google+ hangouts to engage their audience, and how you can, too.

 Tips for Choosing an Online Video Platform

Video is a great way to engage your audience. But what is the best way to host and manage your videos? Over on ClickZ, Mike Dodge shares common challenges and advice for selecting an online video platform.

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