SEO & Social Media Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

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July 10, 2012 by

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media often have been at odds with each other with SEO belonging to marketing department and social media belonging to PR department. With Google’s recent acknowledgement that social indicators are now part of the algorithm that determines where a website ranks in the SERPs, more and more companies are working to bring these two programs together. Simply put, when they work together the results are much better for both teams. Take a piece of toast for example, it’s good with peanut butter (SEO) and it’s good with jelly (PR) but it’s so much better when you have both together (PB&J).

How can social help SEO?

  1. By increasing the quantity and quality of links to your website
  2. Helping drive up brand mentions on the front page of SERPs
  3. Create a “wall paper” effect allowing a company to dominate the organic section of search results for branded search queries
  4. Better reputation management
  5. As a new source of searches and organic traffic
  6. A treasure trove for keyword research

How can SEO help Social?

  1. SEO is all about optimizing content whether it’s on your Website or on a social media platform
  2. By integrating SEO into your social campaigns your content can be indexed and found by search engines – keep in mind YouTube, which is generally considered a social platform, is the second largest search engine behind Google
  3. Better target the right content to the right person with the right keywords and terminology

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