Best of Social Media: Week of July 11, 2012

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July 12, 2012 by

Twitter TipsWelcome back to our weekly roundup of the best social media posts of the past 7 days. This week, improve your Facebook cover image, amp up your Twitter efforts, get on Google+, and more.

16 Ways to Revitalize Your Twitter Efforts

Want to inject some creativity into Twitter? Charlene Kingston shares 16 ways to improve your Twitter efforts. Learn what you should change in your profile, how to create a Twitter landing page, how to promote your account, and more.

SEO & Social Media Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

SEO and social media are the perfect match—like peanut butter and jelly. Right here on the OMI blog, Nessa Felleson shares why marketers must now integrate their social media and SEO efforts, and how to get started.

Are You Missing the Point of Social Media?

Engagement, likes, and comments are nice. But is your social media marketing driving real, meaningful revenue? Krista Neher explains why effective social isn't about the the number of Facebook Fans you have, but about getting people to buy your product.

How to Improve Your Facebook Cover Image

Does your Facebook cover image include everything but the kitchen sink? You're not alone. Head over to MarketingSherpa, and discover why simplifying your Facebook cover image can better engage your audience and represent your brand.

Guy Kawasaki on Google+

Still not on Google+? Over on MarketingProfs, Guy Kawasaki makes the case for why you need to start using it. Now. Learn which features are worth testing, and why it's better than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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