Best of Social Media: Week of June 7, 2012

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June 7, 2012 by

Welcome back to our Best of Social Media blog series. This week, take advantage of LinkedIn pages for lead generation, start measuring social media ROI, improve your Facebook marketing, and more.

Female Marketer With an Idea7 Clever Facebook Marketing Tips 

Need to amp up your Facebook marketing? Over at ClickZ, Sundeep Kapur shares how a new event planning company is successfully promoting an upcoming music and arts festival on Facebook. While their budget is limited, their results are anything but.

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn is often considered the best social network for B2B lead generation. But where do you begin? Start with your company page, and Jeffrey L. Cohen's 5 smart tips for taking advantage of status updates, products and services listings, and more.

Why You Should Measure Social Media ROI

You're measuing the return on invesment (ROI) of your social media marketing efforts, right? If not, check out Social Media Examiner's 5 key reasons you must start measuring social media ROI today. It's easier and more important than you might think.

Expect Advice to Get More Out of Social Media Participation

Tweets, Likes, and comments are nice. But are you looking at the big picture—how your brand is perceived, and the types of relationships you're developing with your social media audience? Get more from your social media participation efforts with these 5 tips for social media participation success from Lee Odden.

How to Decide Which Social Media Platforms to Use

Think marketing on your favorite social networks is driving business? Think again. In this informative post on the MarketingSherpa blog (filled with nifty visuals, too!), learn why developing a big picture, integrated strategy is more effective than simply marketing on social networks, why blogging might be more effective than you realize, and more.

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