How to Use Images in Social Media to Drive Engagement

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August 27, 2012 by

Photos going viral
Pictures are a hot topic in 2012. From Instagram to Memes, they resonate with users and quickly engage them while being easy to share. Both businesses and personal social media users have been spending more time incorporating images into their social media playbook to stay connected with friends and fans.

Instagram & Pinterest
With the vast number of people having smart phones with cameras and internet access, people can take a photo and post online immediately. You can also upload charts and graphs for sharing as well. Many of these images have then been pinned to Pinterest boards and expanding the reach of the photos just from Instagram throughout the web. Pictures are incredibly popular because a person can quickly see the image and share it without having to read a long post or article. Two words: Instant gratification.

A meme is a photo with either a caption or additional image inserted into to make a point. Thanks to the Olympics and McKayla Maroney in the now popular “McKayla Maroney is not impressed”, memes are the new hot visual social media topic. What does that mean for social media and business use?

With memes businesses can add a little fun to their social media to help engage users and encourage them to share with their friends. As they get passed around the internet they get changed with new slogans and pictures as people think of other ways to change them to fit their life.

What can I do with a Meme?
Below are two options of memes.

The first is a photo which can be of almost anything with a slogan laid over the top. Ask your friends and fans to write their own caption to get them to interact with your page.

The second is a photo overlaid another photo often with a caption below it. In this case it’s “McKayla Maroney is not impressed” and fans have added her scowl to literally hundreds of photos. It can encourage your fans to upload photos and in the process tell you a little about what else they like.

Add a slogan Add a photo

Adding more images into your social media campaigns can help create larger engagement with your posts. By reviewing your social strategy and your voice you can find a way to add them in without changing your overall voice and strategy.

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