What are Promoted Tweets?

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August 24, 2012 by

By now you have probably seen some promoted tweets or promoted trends on your Twitter feed. Advertising on Twitter is unique in that it can target multiple objectives; not just brand awareness but also promotions and gaining followers.

Promoted Accounts are a feature of the Who to Follow section on Twitter. An advertiser will promote the account which will then be shown to users who follow similar accounts. These account promotions can be set at the country level or DMA level.

Promoted Tweets are a way to increase your message across many users. They can be targeted to search results or timelines. When targeting timelines, you can target specific users or users like your followers as a way to gain momentum and brand awareness. In this case, I was targeted as a current follower of Fidelity and was encouraged to view their video.

Promoted Trends provide users with the opportunity to get major exposure. Trends appear on Twitter at all times and are changing depending on the conversations. Promoted Trends gives you the opportunity to be one of those ongoing conversations.

If your business would benefit from this type of promotion now is a good time to get familiar with Twitter and your followers. In order to get started with any of the Twitter promotion capabilities, you will need to fill out this form and wait to be contacted by a Twitter sales rep.


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