4 Actions Every CEO Needs to Take Online This Year

February 12, 2014 by

We always talk about marketers and how they can best leverage digital marketing tools, like online media, U/X, SEO, SEM, online PR and social. As bloggers, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest emerging digital platform and breaking technology stories. Our posts are here to provide specific tactical value to marketers so they can do their jobs better online. So what about the CEO, who, depending on the size and type of the organization, may be far away from touching the practice of digital marketing? The CEO of an SMB, e-commerce, enterprise or start-up needs to make sure he/she actually does certain online activities this year to develop and maintain share of the market. Here are four actions any and every CEO needs to take this year online:

1. Set up an appropriate tracking system and listen in for mentions of his/her name.

Buyers are smart. Especially in areas like B2B, where a buyer could spend millions with a vendor. The buyer will want to make sure he/she invests in a company with a strong, credible and smart CEO. So make sure you, as a CEO, know what is being said about you, by whom and where. Watch for spikes in commenting, stories and sentiment based on any of your typical CEO PR activities. There are many great social media listening tools out there. Use them. Have your social media team report to you on a weekly basis about what’s going on with your personal brand online.

2. Respond in a timely fashion to any personal online attacks or praises.

As a CEO online, you need to start thinking of yourself as a customer service machine. You need to respond to any mention of your name, where appropriate, with authenticity, in a positive tone and in a timely fashion. Provide help or explanations where needed. Take an online conversation offline. On the web and in areas such as social media, you, as the CEO, are a crucial brand.

3. Define your online personal strengths and philosophy in how you do business.

When you have taken the time to understand and commit to how you do business and where you shine as a leader, you will then be able to deliver content with sustenance. Once you do this well (and with real frequency), you may find yourself amassing a true online following of supporters of your own personal social ecosystem.

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4. Start writing, commenting and making videos that support your true feelings about your industry and marketplace.

I am not suggesting you immediately start posting live. I am suggesting that you spend a little time on your own to start writing or speaking about what it is that really drives you as the company CEO. A content plan or a formal personal branding strategy will get you to where you need to be. But for now, simply start creating and saving and you will see where you can succeed as a future online thought-leader.

These are just four of the actions you need to start taking. By doing some or all of the above, you will be able to start shaping your voice for the web. You will be able to start to clearly see where it is, you, as an individual leader, can make a true impact in how your company uses digital marketing to drive business.

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