How to Maximize Returns from Twitter Ads

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Social media advertising and business strategies have increasingly become intertwined with each other. Business promotion cannot attain success if the message is not spread through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on.

Twitter can be a very good promotional tool for businesses across the world. Posting ads on Twitter help you gain new followers, engage prospective customers, and generate leads. But, do Twitter ads always work for you? How can you get effective results from these ads? How can the ads reach your target audience and promote your business efficiently? Check out the section below to get answers to all such queries.

Integrating Twitter advertising with marketing campaigns has proved very beneficial, even helping maximize the profit of the business. Experts from brand advertising agencies in Leeds have made a research project of the relationship between advertising and marketing and the results are quite fascinating.

Here are a few helpful tips for you…

Twitter is a Great Social Media Platform for Business Promotion

Targeting followers of particular accounts. You can promote a webinar for any of your social customers by targeting some of the followers and other similar relevant accounts. You will find that in a week’s time it will generate a considerable number of clicks. You will get a good return even by investing a small amount. You will also gain around two replies, two retweets, six new followers, and 9,500 impressions.  According to advertising experts, targeting the prospective audience results in greater B2C marketing.

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Targeting by device. Suppose you want your target audience to fill out a specific signup form but this form is not easily accessible on mobile devices as it should have been. This leads to a serious challenge when using Twitter ads. Since people these days are more likely to use mobile devices for almost everything, it is not wise to target only the non-mobile groups. Switch on to Android or iPhone users and you will start getting more signups.

Do not go by the bidding price on Twitter. Whenever you create a campaign in Twitter, it will suggest a maximum bidding price that you should offer. This is your “per engagement” fee that you have to pay for follows, clicks, replies, and retweets. You can fix this engagement at a lower price than suggested by Twitter. Twitter might not get the bids for the niche inventory you are making, but this can be a great opening for some.

Do not anticipate beforehand. When you use Twitter ads, two alternatives will be open to you – Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. With the former, you will have engagement, but the latter will effectively attract followers. You can try the opposite of this, which means you can promote your personal tweet, such as your blog. Experts opine that within a week, you will achieve several clicks and followers. Although you might have to pay for the clicks, the new followers will be worth your investment. You will find that using Twitters ads becomes much easier.

Try these few tips to start using Twitter as the best social media platform for promoting your business ideas!

Summary: Social networking sites are extensively used for business promotion. Twitter has turned out to be a great option for business professionals in this regard.

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