5 Tips for Content Marketing + Social Media Success

June 6, 2014 by

Friday can be the perfect day to take time to reflect on the past week and make some plans for the next. But, since we know this time isn't always readily available, we've compiled the top 5 actionable tips you can take from one of the Online Marketing Institute's latest featured classes,  "The Content Marketing Approach for Successful Social Media Success"  by content marketing expert, Donna Papacosta, Principal of Trafalgar Communications.

Content Marketing Approach

Whether you're a recent college graduate, a small business owner, a start-up entrepreneur, or a digital marketer, there is a takeaway here for everyone. Read on to learn 5 quick and easy tips to enhance your content marketing approach and ultimately, achieve social media success.

1.) You work for your content, so make your content work for you. 

You spend long hours creating quality content. But, before you sit back and watch your engagement numbers reach their peak, you must take the time to amplify your content on your social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Your blog can be the hub of your social media efforts and all other channels should point back to your blog.

2.) Get over yourself. "No one cares about your mission statement but you."

Sad but true, Papacosta reminds us that "No one cares about your mission statement but you" and writing only about yourself/brand can be a huge turnoff in the content marketing world. Papacosta references expert, Todd Defren of SHIFT's advice that "70% of your content should be curated and 30% should be branded". Connecting on Social Media is about the conversation so treat it like one and always keep the customer in mind. Next time you tweet or write a Facebook post, say it out loud and ask yourself, would you really say that? If the answer is no, change up your approach to reflect your brand personality.

3. ) Think like a publisher.

Donna makes a great reference in her class to all the iPhone 5 users out there. When you have an iPhone 5,  you all of a sudden start thinking like a photographer and about all the great pictures you can take and where you can share them. She encourages marketers to do the same with content and think more like a publisher. Ask yourself, what is important to your customers? What would they want to read and why would they come to you to read it? And make it interesting - industry news, opinions, case studies, infographics, videos, how-to guides, to name a few examples.

4.) Be Easy & Get Buzz.

Make your content easy to share! Sharable blog links, tweets, Facebook posts, images, and video - all can lead to significant buzz if you allow it to be.

5.) Write for humans, but think of SEO.

We're all human, so we naturally connect with content that speaks to us - it has a personality and a voice and we feel like we are talking with someone not something. Keep in mind the true objective of your post and remember to incorporate the SEO guidelines that will take your post up the search rankings - what problem am I solving for my reader, what would they search to get here, what is the topic really?

In just 30 minutes, you can learn more about how Content Marketing + Social Media = Success . Will you make the time?





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