Your Ultimate “Back-to-School” Class Schedule, Part I

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August 27, 2014 by

New & Trending Digital Marketing Classes for your eLearning Education

What’s all this hype about going “back-to-school”? Here at OMI, we like to think we are always in school and we’re lucky enough to have access to the latest on digital marketing trends and best practices from the best and the brightest teachers in the industry. We’ve identified the top trending classes in OMI’s eLearning library to help you prep your Fall class schedule.

4 Must-Take Digital Marketing Classes

Class #1: Building Your Mobile Strategy

Teacher: Joseph Kershcbaum, 3Q Digital @JoeKerschbaum

Overview: There’s no doubt that mobile is where it's at. How many of you are even reading this post off of your smart phone right now? It’s time marketers of all shapes and sizes – small businesses and start-ups, B2B, agencies and big consumer brands – think in all shapes and sizes. Mobile is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. This Building Your Mobile Strategy class will give you the know-how to stand out in the most coveted location of all – your customer’s smart phone devices.


  1.       How to utilize Google Adwords to effectively run PPC ads via mobile devices and grow your business
  2.        How to set up mobile ads via AdWords
  3.        How to approach mobile bid modifiers
  4.        How to create a mobile-friendly web experience

Level: Intermediate

Class #2: How To Use Big Data to Predict Sales and Forecast Revenue

Teacher: Amanda Kahlow, CEO & Founder, 6 Sense @AmandaKahlow

Overview: No, this is not a magic class. It’s a math class. By predicting when leads are ready to buy, you can leverage that information to deliver the most relevant and effective marketing, alert sales of leads and opportunities, and better measure marketing effectiveness. You’ll get hands-on experience to start to develop your own predictive analytics program by learning a proven model that works. Think of it as your very own “cheat sheet” for maximizing sales!


  1.        How Cisco predicted $300M net new opportunities last year and how you can too
  2.        How to use data to optimize and predict the success of your marketing spend, deliver more relevant marketing, and alert sales with leads and opportunities
  3.        A proven formula for identifying purchase intent
  4.        How to put your data to work for you without relying heavily on IT resources

Level: Advanced

Class #3: An Introduction to Social TV

Teacher: Carri Bugbee, Social TV Strategist, Big Deal Digital @CarriBugbee

Overview: This class is one of those classes that will get you out of bed in the morning as it uncovers the exciting ways brands that don’t technically advertise on TV can begin marketing to TV viewers. So, sit back and relax, because in under an hour, you will learn how connected devices, T-commerce, TV-centric social networks, interactive TV, transmedia storytelling, TV ad retargeting, and new ratings methods are changing how marketers can find and interact with consumers and prospects. Prepare to be “wow-ed”!


  1.        What social TV is and how it got started
  2.        Consumer trends and user behaviors driving social TV opportunities
  3.        Technologies that open up new venues for advertising, sponsorships and storytelling
  4.        Examples of social TV initiatives
  5.        How to get started in social TV marketing

Introduction to Social TV: Class Preview

Level: Basic

Class #4: The How-To’s of Using Google+

Teacher: Martin Shervington, Community Manager, Plus Your Business @MartinSherv

Overview: For those on the forefront of social media, Google + has by far changed the way we think about Search Engine Optimization. With the combination of Social and Search, you can now build a loyal community who will engage on your content, signaling to Google it deserves to surface in Search. In this class, you will learn the best practices for building a strong community on Google+ to improve your organization's search rankings. You’ll definitely want to be a part of this club!


  1.        How to build trust, reputation and authority in your niche
  2.        How to distribute structure posts for your content when distributed on Google+
  3.        How to increase engagement you receive for your on content, and in turn give HUGE uplifts to your web traffic
  4.        How to find, and build up relationships with key influencers (who will help to distribute your content)
  5.        How to build 'opt in' lists that will help with campaigns for key content

Level: Basic

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