Why Your Business Needs to Stop Some Social Media Right Now

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February 12, 2015 by

Despite all the Mashable articles, Gary Vaynerchuks, and whatever other technological higher powers people follow these days, the majority of digital marketing tips out there are just noise.

I want to make 2015 badass for your business. Allow me to hold up a mirror.

Why Your Business Needs to Stop Some Social Media Right Now Phil Pallen

I don't even need to look at your company's social media platforms to know that you're existing on too many. Marketers love to spread themselves out, thinking that a duplicated message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Ello is enough to flag down a devout following.

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Minimal marketing effort means minimal impact. Being lazy will not get you noticed. There are no shortcuts.

Every social platform comes with specific expectations from its users. People are motivated on Twitter differently than they are on Facebook.

Do your company a favor and select three (maximum) social media platforms for marketing and drop all others until you've earned a killer following. Take time to hone in on each of those three channels. Publish insightful, creative and opinionated content to satisfy the unique needs of every platform's audience.

Why Your Business Needs to Stop Some Social Media Right Now

You've probably noticed an increase in company transparency online over the years. As consumers, we love getting that inside look at a business' everyday activities.

For example, Warby Parker posts infographics about employees' first concerts. Madewell creates Rdio playlists inspired by their staff's favorite decade of the moment. Chipotle finishes all tweets with the name of whichever individual sent that interaction. (Thanks, Joe.)

And so on.

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This year, set aside your lame promotion rhymes in favor of considerate transparency on every social media touchpoint. Simply existing isn't enough anymore. There are enough bozos out there doing that.

The only thing that matters is what your audience wants, and they'd much rather interact with people over logos. Do as I say and you'll be laughing by 2016.

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