Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup: 5 Stories You Don't Want to Miss (9/16/15)

September 16, 2015 by

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Every week we will scour the Internet for the most useful and interesting articles on digital marketing  - so you don't have to. Here are our top picks for for the week, enjoy!

  1. Does Your Company Need a Digital Makeover?

The importance of keeping up with the latest marketing trends is crucial to your company's success. If you haven't updated your practices recently, have a look at these four mainstays.

  1. 10 Keynote Speakers Who Will Keep You Ahead of Digital Marketing Trends

Forbes provides a great list of influential speakers to follow. Number 2 on the list is one of our very own instructors, Rohit Bhargava. You can watch Rohit's content in our class library!

  1. Why It Takes So Long to Achieve Social Media Success

This article highlights the importance of building relationships over time. While awareness can be pumped up quickly through social media, impact on actual sales may take years.

  1. 7 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Here are 7 statistics that you don't want to miss. It will stir your imagination.

  1. How Should Digital Marketing Agencies Prioritize Their Services?

We've found some helpful tips for agencies. These are some services you should prioritize to ensure you're profiting the most.

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