Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup: 5 Stories You Don't Want to Miss (9/4/15)

September 4, 2015 by

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Every week we will scour the Internet for the most useful and interesting articles on digital marketing - so you don't have to. Here are our top picks for for the week, enjoy!

  1. What IS Digital Marketing Strategy?

This article provides great examples of the importance of a digital strategy.  The average person is exposed to over 5000 messages a day, and as a marketer, you need a developed digital strategy to ensure your message reaches your audience.

  1.  How to Implement a Killer Online-Marketing Strategy for $15 a Week

Online Marketing doesn't have to break the bank. Here are four ways you can maximize your lead generating efforts while staying on a $15 a week budget.

  1. Make a Monthly Content-Marketing Check-In a Must-Do

Here's a quick guide on how to measure your marketing plan.  By regularly measuring, you can develop a great content marketing strategy.

  1. Back To Basics: Why You Should Try A Minimalistic SEO Strategy

This article highlights the basics of SEO strategy. Although your business may be small, you can still take advantage of SEO with these tactics.

  1. 7 Twitter SEO Tips: Leverage Your Social Presence For Better Traffic!

With Google now being able to access Twitter's full stream of tweets, Twitter visitors have increased 10 times.  This article has 7 SEO tips to help you get ahead.

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