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Video Marketing & YouTube 101

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Social media marketing classes show marketers and business owners how to successfully market their brand on Google+, Facebook, YouTube and more. This YouTube marketing class offers strategies for using YouTube to expand your brand’s online presence and reach key demographics. By offering tips and techniques on improving and optimizing YouTube videos, this class also highlights the benefits of using YouTube video marketing to increase SEO traffic and drive more conversions across multiple online and social media channels. Marketing professionals know how to optimize their YouTube videos, improve video content, and add or post an attention-grabbing channel trailer that will increase positive business outcomes. In this YouTube marketing class, YouTube Marketing 101, led by Liana Evans, you will get the basic tools and best practices necessary to incorporate YouTube video content into your overall social media marketing strategy.

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Liana Evans

CEO / President

Social media marketing instructor Liana “Li” Evans teaches YouTube marketing tips as well as content marketing strategies through the Online Marketing Institute (OMI). Li is the author of the social media marketing book Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media more.

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