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7 Essential Writing Tips For Content Marketers

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Content marketers are faced with the daily struggle of having to choose an interesting topic and keeping the written copy at quality high all while trying to remain as SEO friendly as possible. Needless to say, writing a strong content piece can seem overbearing for content marketers, which is why we’ve summed up the 7 essential writing tips for content marketers. Following these best practices will assist in easing the overall writing process and set up content marketers for success by guiding them in choosing a fresh and interesting topic, creating an eye-catching headline, structuring an engaging first sentence and introduction, keeping the article SEO friendly with a unique voice, along with other essential rules to ensure your content piece is set up for success, all the way to the closing paragraph and sentence.


  • List the essential content writing tips in order to successfully execute a content piece

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David Brown

David has worked for over 20 years in the CRM, Digital and Content disciplines. He currently advises clients to help them operationalize their content investment. David led Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, recognized as the father of content marketing. David was responsible for the publication of “The Content more.

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