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Data Analysis and Optimization

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Learn how to analyze marketing data and turn analysis into insight. Gain the expertise required to determine the drivers of campaign performance and strategic optimization opportunities.


  • Explain how to approach data analysis
  • Recognize the traps of “analysis paralysis”
  • Define the “questions to ask” when analyzing data
  • Identify which outside factors to consider when assessing performance
  • Explain when to optimize performance based on data sample
  • Determine when to use Mobile Media Marketing
  • Create meaningful measurement and “test and learn” plans to show the business impact of marketing efforts. Determine which variables are impacting campaign response to optimize performance.
  • Identify the insights driven by Mobile Media Marketing
  • Define the challenges of attribution modeling
  • explain the reasoning for undergoing attribution modeling.

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Sharon Bernstein

Sharon Bernstein has almost 20 years of digital analytics and e-commerce strategy experience spanning multiple industries and Fortune 100 clients. Specializing in online media measurement approaches, e-commerce strategies, digital campaign and web analytics, as well as competitive intelligence benchmarking, Sha more.

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